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Gingerly Witty Rings In Two Years With Hakuna Happy Hour

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Get to Know Gingerly Witty

Inspired and created by lifestyle blogger and content creator Erin Lally, Gingerly Witty is a lifestyle store with a location in the heart of Echo Park. The Gingerly Witty boutique is a curated selection of beautiful clothing, accessories, and objects which highlight handmade creations from artists within the United States as well as carefully selected goods from across the globe. Each hand-picked piece, has a unique story behind it, and embodies exemplary design. Learn more about Erin’s story below and be sure to stop by the first Hakuna Happy Hour which will also be celebrating Gingerly Witty’s 2-year anniversary on November 10th 4:00pm to 7:00pm (PST)!

In Case You’re Wondering What  “Gingerly Witty” Stands For

Gingerly Witty’s brick and mortar location got its name from what first came about as Erin’s Instagram Name. Erin says, “At the time, I saw it as describing me and many other young women and our approach to life, both on social media and the everyday. As the idea of a store grew, I got to thinking about these types of women and how this space needed to be filled in the world of retail. The “Gingerly Witty” type of a girl wanted a store that truly connected with her – modern, yet enamored with the past; playful, but not always the most graceful; and unadulterated craving for joy and fulfillment. She speaks out but is far from loud. She’s a medley of fun, creativity, and wit. She’s Gingerly Witty.

How does Gingerly Witty connect with its community?

In a world of short-lived trends produced in the world of “fast fashion,” our goal is to have a home for the independent artists of the industry. Focused on connecting you with truly special pieces, we seek to work with designers that are mindful about ethical production and use high-quality materials. We mix light, clean lines cut with sharp sophistication; Bold, edgy flair tempered by the understated feminine. Everyone has an authentic story to tell. This is ours. 

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Modern, Playful and Eclectic

We asked Erin to describe Gingerly Witty in just three words and without any hesitation at all, she said “Modern, Playful, and Eclectic.”  Gingerly Witty is a lifestyle brand that imparts a sense of beauty, optimism, and discovery to our customer. It is modern with a vintage twist. It is an escape from the everyday. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. “Standing apart from the flow of mainstream culture, we seek out bold new blends, fashion that surprises, and style that speaks California life at its most vibrant and thrilling” says Erin. Inspiration is everywhere and comes in all shapes and sizes, and quite frankly… We couldn’t agree more.

When curating your store how do you envision your customers?

Gingerly Witty’s target customers are twenty to thirty something, gainfully employed women with a creative side and dedication to always be genuine. She’s self-aware, generally positive minded yet she doesn’t necessarily know who she is nor what she wants. She strives to live authentically and always put her best foot forward. She likes to articulate her emotions lightly and enjoys inhabiting her world as if it is a story; where conversations are those out of scripts, spaces are meticulously decorated, and clothes are curated. She enjoys fashion, but doesn’t engross herself in trends, instead choosing to follow her own sense of personal style. She appreciates flea markets as well as bigger chain stores but is looking for somewhere in between and that’s where Gingerly Witty comes in!

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How do you think the Hakuna Happy Hour relates to Gingerly Witty?

We love being involved with the community!  So, having an in-store event like Hakuna Happy Hour is a great way to build relationships with our locals and new customers!  Not to mention a great way to share and educate all good things about CBD and cannabis in a low maintenance setting such as a shopping party. We’re also celebrating our 3rd year of business, which will make the celebration extra special!

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Living a Little More Worry Free 
A little bit of advice from the Gingerly Witty Team:
Don’t take yourself so seriously or worry about what others think.
Stay confident and curious!
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Celebrate Gingerly Witty’s first 2 years and many more with us for Hakuna Happy Hour at Gingerly Witty Saturday November 10 4pm-7pm

Guests will receive 20% off of new clothing and houseware throughout the whole day!

Complimentary CBD infused Hakuna Hemp Roast and light bites will be served throughout the party!

Gingerly Witty – 1710 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026

Check out Gingerly Witty’s online store at and follow Erin on instagram @gingerlywitty for updates!


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